A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
news14 sep '20

Open call: apply now to showcase at the online China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo 2020

Dutch Performing Arts organises a showcase at the online edition of China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo (CPAX) 2020 to present tour-ready shows from the Netherlands, suitable for the Chinese market. Deadline for submissions is 17 September 2020.
news10 sep '20

Opening up your musical DNA: Diamanda Dramm and Genevieve Murphy

What happens when you invite another artist to transform an existing performance of yours into something brand-new? Violinist Diamanda Dramm asked composer Genevieve Murphy to add new notes and perspectives to her performance 'Subverse'. This resulted in the piece 'Subverse Part 2' which will be performed at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2020.
news10 sep '20

Jibbe Willems wins French literary translation of De Poolse Bruid

Dutch playwright Jibbe Willems wins a French literary translation of his theatre text 'De Poolse Bruid'. The text will also have a staged reading during the prestigious Festival d’Avignon.
news26 aug '20

Dutch and British playwrights reflect on shared colonial history

By Koen Guiking

It started with an idea to bring two Dutch and two British playwrights together, all with family roots outside of Europe, in countries that were once colonised, to reflect on this colonial history and to what extend it had shaped their identities. They would all come together, talk about their backgrounds, share ideas, and subsequently each would write a short script for a play. But the project, called Boom!, gradually grew larger after the initial seed for an idea was planted in late 2019. There are now seven playwrights involved, building on their original short scripts, working with actors and technicians to bring their plays to life. Boom! is funded by Dutch Performing Arts and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UK.