• 13 Dec. → 21 Dec. '18Marseille, France

    BNMFEST 2018

    Multidisciplinary festival BNMFEST mixes different styles of music and dance, including ballet, contemporary music, house, urban, world music, jam sessions and much more. The festival hosts its fourth edition from 13-21 December in Marseille, France.
    In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts the festival presents a Dutch focus programme with work of Netherlands-based companies and choreographers.

    Workshop Vogueing / Waacking by Sarada Sarita Keilman
    15 December - 17:30

    Guilherme Miotto / Corpo Maquina - 'Ball' French premiere
    16 December - 15:00

    Workshop Instinctive Performance by Guilherme Miotto
    16 December - 17:15

    Tripple bill:
    DIKKER + OOSTRIK / Arnoud Traa / ICK Amsterdam - 'Synchron(ici)ty' French premiere
    18 December - 20:30
    Amos Ben-Tal / BNM & ICK - 'ESCAPE IN 49'
    Amos Ben-Tal / OFFprojects - '30' French premiere
    18 December - 20:30

    ICK and the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra - 'Ziel' French premiere
    20 & 21 December - 20:30

    More information
    For the full festival programme and more information about the precise times and dates of the Dutch performances, visit the BNMFEST website.
    Guilherme Miotto / Corpo Maquina - Ball
  • 15 Jan. → 19 Jan. '19Philadelphia, United States

    Dutch performing arts for young audiences at IPAY 2019

    Dutch Performing Arts proudly powers eight Dutch youth theatre and dance companies who are present at the IPAY Showcase 2019, in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York, Assitej Netherlands and DutchCulture. The showcase takes place from 15-19 January 2019 in Philadelphia, the United States.
  • 29 Mar. → 31 Mar. '19The Hague, the Netherlands

    Rewire 2019

    Rewire is an annual, international festival for adventurous music. The festival's ninth edition takes place from 29-31 March 2019 in The Hague, the Netherlands.
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