• 08 Oct. → 24 Nov. '19Rome, Italy

    Dutch dance and music at Romaeuropa 2019

    Arno Schuitemaker | The Way You Sound Tonight. Photo: Sanne Peper
    de Stilte | Alice. Photo: Hans Gerritsen
    Oorkaan | The Box Brothers. Photo: Boy Hazes
    As part of a close collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, Italian arts festival Romaeuropa presents shows by three Netherlands-based artists and companies: choreographer Arno Schuitemaker, youth dance company de Stilte, and music theatre company Oorkaan. The performances take place from 8 October - 24 November 2019 in Rome, Italy.
    During its 34th edition, the festival presents an eclectic blend of dance and music theatre from the Netherlands for both adults and young audiences. The Dutch programme is made possible by Dutch Performing Arts and the Dutch embassy in Rome.

    Dutch performances
    Visitors can enjoy shows by the following artists and companies:

    Arno Schuitemaker - 'The Way You Sound Tonight' dance
    8-9 October 2019 at 20:00 & 21:00, Teatro Vascello

    de Stilte - 'Alice' (6+) dance
    9-10 November 2019 at 11:00 & 17:00, Mattatoio - Teatro 1

    Oorkaan - 'The Box Brothers' (De gebroeders kist) (4+) music
    23-24 November 2019 at 10:00, 15:00 & 17:00, Mattatoio - Teatro 2

    Browse through the full festival programme at the Romaeuropa website.

    About Romaeuropa
    Since its etablishment in 1986, the Romaeuropa festival has grown constantly and is now recognised as the one of the most important Italian cultural festivals. The festival brings together artistic performance from all over the world in a spectacular programme of dance, theatre, music, cinema, meetings with artists, visual arts and cutting-edge technological creativity. The sounds and artistic expression of five continents are the ingredients of an intense, aesthetic experience delivered at various venues for a period of over two months.
  • 15 Aug. → 27 Oct. '19Shanghai, China

    Dutch theatre for young audiences in Beijing & Hangzhou

    With the support of Dutch Performing Arts, Shanghai-based Art Space for Kids organises a Dutch focus with three youth theatre companies, taking place at various venues in Beijing and Hangzhou, China. Performing are Theatergroep Kwatta, Dadodans and Oorkaan. The Dutch focus rus from August to October 2019.
  • 16 Oct. → 20 Oct. '19Shanghai, China

    Dutch delegation visits ChinaSPAF 2019

    Dutch Performing Arts organises a Dutch focus programme at performing arts fair ChinaSPAF in Shanghai. Joining us are (representatives of) Netherlands-based artists who will pitch their work to an international audience of arts professionals.
  • 23 Oct. → 27 Oct. '19Tampere, Finland

    WOMEX 2019

    Part of a continued collaboration with open source network World Music Forum NL, Dutch Performing Arts will represent Dutch artists and music professionals at WOMEX 2019. This year's edition takes place from 23-27 October 2019 in Tampere, Finland.
  • 31 Oct. → 2 Nov. '19Washington, the United States

    Woest at the Kennedy Center

    Youth theatre company Woest gives five performances of their show 'Balancing Bodies' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
  • 2 Nov. → 3 Nov. '19Washington, the United States

    BonteHond at the Kennedy Center

    Youth theatre company BonteHond gives four performances of their show 'Get 'M' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
  • 7 Nov. → 9 Nov. '19's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

    November Music 2019 visitors' programme

    For the fifth year in a row, Dutch Performing Arts and music festival November Music closely collaborate on an international visitors' programme for music presenters. The visitors' programme takes place from 7-9 November 2019 in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.
  • 9 Nov. → 10 Nov. '19Washington, the United States

    Maas theater en dans at the Kennedy Center

    Youth theatre company Maas theater en dans gives five performances of their show 'EGG-tion HERO' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
  • 11 Jan. → 12 Jan. '20Washington, the United States

    Oorkaan at the Kennedy Center

    Music theatre company Oorkaan gives five performances of their show 'Glimpse' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
  • 24 Apr. → 26 Apr. '20Washington, the United States

    De Dansers at the Kennedy Center

    Youth dance company De Dansers gives five performances of their show 'Pokon' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
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