• 12 Jul. → 21 Jul. '19Cividale del Friuli, Italy

    Dutch focus at Mittelfest 2019

    Slagwerk Den Haag | Trails of Wood. Photo: Marieke Rodenburg
    In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, Italian performing arts festival Mittelfest spotlights the work of three Dutch artists and music groups. The festival takes place from 12-21 July 2019 in Cividale del Friuli, Italy.
    Mittelfest presents a special Dutch programme, featuring performances by the following artists and groups:

    Diamanda Le Berge Dramm - 'Subverse' world premiere
    13 July 2019 at 20.00, S. Maria del Battuti Church

    Slagwerk Den Haag - 'Trails of Wood' Italian premiere
    18 July 2019 at 22.00, S. Francesco Church

    Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw Amsterdam - 'Mississippi Goddam: an homage to Nina Simone' Italian premiere
    19 July 2019 at 22.00, Piazza Duomo

    To explore the full festival programme, visit the Mittelfest website or browse through the PDF programme leaflet at the bottom of this page.

    About Mittelfest
    Music, theatre, dance and visual arts festival Mittelfest brings together fresh and urgent artistic and cultural ideas. The international festival has a special focus on Central and Southeast Europe.

    Main theme of the 2019 edition is leadership. The festival programme presents and explores different forms of leadership in arts and society.
    Diamanda La Berge Dramm | Photo: Ronald Knapp
  • 8 Oct. → 24 Nov. '19Rome, Italy

    Dutch dance and music at Romaeuropa 2019

    As part of a close collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, Italian arts festival Romaeuropa presents shows by three Netherlands-based artists and companies: choreographer Arno Schuitemaker, youth dance company de Stilte, and music theatre company Oorkaan. The performances take place from 8 October - 24 November 2019 in Rome, Italy.
  • 17 Nov. → 23 Nov. '19Huddersfield, United Kingdom

    Dutch music at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2019

    hcmf// presents an extensive Dutch lineup for the second year running, as part of a three-year partnership with Dutch Performing Arts. This year the festival presents six concerts with Netherlands-based musicians and composers.
  • 11 Jan. → 12 Jan. '20Washington, the United States

    Oorkaan at the Kennedy Center

    Music theatre company Oorkaan gives five performances of their show 'Glimpse' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
  • 12 Jan. → 12 Jan. '20New York, United States

    Sounds of the Dutch Underground at Winter Jazzfest 2020

    In a showcase titled 'Sounds of the Dutch Underground', four Netherlands-based music groups will perform at Winter Jazzfest in New York, the United States. Performing as part of the Dutch showcase are: Binkbeats, Tin Men and the Telephone, Niels Broos & Jamie Peet, and Tineke Postma.
  • 24 Apr. → 26 Apr. '20Washington, the United States

    De Dansers at the Kennedy Center

    Youth dance company De Dansers gives five performances of their show 'Pokon' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
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