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Dutch Performing Arts | en France: Toneelgroep Amsterdam at Festival d'Avignon

Avignon, France, 15-21 July 2017

Ibsen house by Toneelgroep Amsterdam | Photo Jan Versweyveld 

Toneelgroep Amsterdam will perform 'The Maids' and 'Ibsen house' during Festival d'Avignon.

The Maids
A game within the game: that is how 'The Maids' begins. For years, sisters Claire and Solange have been housemaids of their ‘madame’ in a large house in the city. In her bedroom, they take turns pretending to be madame. Madame has gone to prison to visit her lover who has been convicted based on false anonymous letters, which were written by the maids. And now the two sisters want to kill their mistress. They have devised a good plan, but will they be able to execute it?
The Maids - 16, 17, 18, 20 and 21 July at Festival d'Avignon. More information and tickets:

Ibsen house
For Ibsen house, director Simon Stone used several of the Norwegian playwright’s less well-known plays. Stone has written an entirely new play in close dialogue with the ensemble. At the centre of the play, there is the holiday home of renowned architect Cees Kerkman, where the various family members meet each other at crucial moments in their lives. As is traditional with Ibsen, there are quite a few secrets and traumas that have a fatal influence on the lives of the different generations. An intriguing game of repression, lies and reckonings emerges, with the house as the only witness to the entire family tragedy.
Ibsen house - 15, 16, 18, 19 and 20 July at Festival d'Avignon. More information and tickets:

Dutch Performing Arts | en France is a multi annual project that aims to increase the visibility and presence of Dutch theatre and dance in France.

Dutch Performing Arts | en France est un projet visant à accroître la visibilité et la présence du théâtre et de la danse néerlandais en France.

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