test Gender Bender 2018
  • 24 Oct. → 03 Nov. '18Bologna, Italy

    Gender Bender 2018

    Gender Bender is an international festival presenting new imagery related to gender identities, sexual orientations and body representations. The festival takes place in Bologna, Italy from 24 October-3 November with over 100 events ranging from film showings to theatrical productions and dance performances, visual arts exhibitions, installation, roundtables and conferences, performances by musicians and DJs and clubbing events.
    In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts the festival presents shows by Netherlands-based choreographers Shailesh Bahoran ('Ignite'), Guilherme Miotto ('Even Worse' and 'Warriors Foot') and Fernando Belfiore ('AL13FB<3'). Through talks dancelovers will gain deeper insights into the choreographers' life and work.

    Shailesh Bahoran - 'Ignite'
    25 October - 21:00
    26 October - 16:00
    26 October - 19:30

    Talk by Shailesh Bahoran
    25 October 2018 - 22:00

    Workshop by Shailesh Bahoran
    26 October - 10:00

    Dance to meet you / Warm up with Shailesh Bahoran
    26 October - 19:00

    Guilherme Miotto - 'Even Worse'
    28 October - 21:00
    29 October - 20:00

    Talk by Guilherme Miotto
    28 October22:00

    Guilherme Miotto -'Warriors Foot'
    31 October - 18:00

    Fernando Belfiore - 'AL13FB<3'
    31 October - 21:00
    1 November - 19:30

    Talk by Fernando Belfiore
    1 November - 20:30

    More information
    For the full festival programme, visit the Gender Bender Festival website.
    Shailesh Bahoran | Ignite
  • 7 Feb. → 20 Jun. '19various cities, the Netherlands

    Moving Futures 2019 visitors' programme

    In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, festival Moving Futures organises an international visitors' programme. The festival takes places from February-June 2019 in various cities in the Netherlands.
  • 29 Mar. → 31 Mar. '19The Hague, the Netherlands

    Rewire 2019

    Rewire is an annual, international festival for adventurous music. The festival's ninth edition takes place from 29-31 March 2019 in The Hague, the Netherlands.
  • 4 May. → 12 May. '19New York, United States

    Oorkaan at BAM

    Dutch music theatre company Oorkaan will perform their award-winning toddler production Glimpse at BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York.
  • 15 May. → 18 May. '19Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Classical:NEXT 2019

    Dutch Performing Arts and De Doelen are promoting the classical and contemporary music scene at the Dutch Pavilion during Classical:NEXT 2019. The global meeting for art music innovators takes place from 15-18 May 2019 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
  • 17 May. → 26 May. '19Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Operadagen Rotterdam / Operation Music Theatre 2019

    Operadagen Rotterdam organises a professionals' programme, supported by Dutch Performing Arts.
  • 29 May. → 2 Jun. '19Oranjewoud, the Netherlands

    Oranjewoud Festival 2019 visitors' programme

    Dutch Performing Arts is excited to collaborate with Oranjewoud Festival for the organisation of a visitors' programme. The festival runs from 29 May-2 June 2019 in Oranjewoud, the Netherlands.
  • 5 Jun. → 11 Jun. '19Breda, the Netherlands

    BRIKfestival 2019 visitors' programme

    In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, BRIKfestival (previously named Stiltefestival) organises an international visitors' programme. The festival takes places from 5-11 June 2019 in Breda, the Netherlands.
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