A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
14 May. → 18 May. '18Munich, Germany


From 14 to 18 May, Joint Adventures / Walter Heun is presenting a selection of recent artistic works from the Netherlands that use choreographic practices and presentational forms which originate from other disciplines.
There will be four Dutch performances on show in Munich. The four performances will be contextualised with opening lectures and talks after the performances, to provide valuable insights into the artistic methodologies and research approaches.

Andrea Božić - After Trio A
14 May

Keren Levi - The Dry Piece – A Ritual of Disappearance
14 May
Theater Hoch X

Arno Schuitemaker - If You Could See Me Now
16 May

Ann Van den Broek, WArd/waRD - Accusations
18 May

In her work After Trio A, Andrea Božić reflects on the interdisciplinary work of Yvonne Rainer within an installation. Keren Levi’s The Dry Piece creates an intense, voyeuristic relationship between spectator and performer, slowly transforming into a live visual art installation. Arno Schuitemaker turns the dance on stage into a rave infecting the dancers and the audience with electro music. Through stroboscopic lighting he expands the stage into the unlimited immersing into the common space. Ann Van den Broek chose the format of a fashion show that is to be watched at close quarters, addressing her accusations directly to the audience.

About Joint Adventures
Joint Adventures, founded in 1990 by Walter Heun, is an organiser based in Munich that operates on a national and international level in the field of contemporary dance and other contemporary art disciplines. In close cooperation with regional, national and international partners, he curates and organises festivals, guest performance series, residency programmes, workshops, symposia and a choreographic short film project in public space.
In addition, Joint Adventures has been lobbying for the structural support and exchange of German and international artists and programmers in order to increase the presence of dance professionals based in Germany and foreign countries.
If You Could See Me Now, Arno Schuitemaker. Photo: Sanne Peper