A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
10 Dec. → 12 Dec. '15Ghent, Belgium

Dutch Impact showcase at Glimps 2015

Rina Mushonga at Glimps 2014 | Photo: Jeroen Vanneste - Wannabes
Glimps is an international showcase festival in Ghent, Belgium. Turkish jazz, Slovakian indie, or French electro: more than 60 artists from all over Europe play at 11 venues.
My Baby, PAUW, Bombay and Haty Haty are playing at the Dutch Impact showcase on 12 December at the Charlatan in Ghent.

Pieter Zeeman, programme director of Dutch Performing Arts, is also giving a presentation about the export of Dutch music. The presentation will take place on Thursday 10 December at 11 am.

Dutch Impact
Dutch Impact promotes Dutch bands abroad and organizes showcase parties and events with Dutch artists at all major music conventions worldwide.

Dutch Impact is powered by Dutch Performing Arts and Buma Cultuur, often in collaboration with the Dutch embassy or consulate. For more information about Dutch Impact visit www.dutch-impact.nl.