A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
29 May. → 02 Jun. '18Paris, France

Dutch Performing Arts | en France: Le Mouffetard

Theatre Le Mouffetard, in collaboration with the Dutch embassy in France and Dutch Performing Arts, organises activities dedicated to Dutch object and puppet theatre.
Le Mouffetard will present three shows of Paperwork by BetweenTwoHands (1 and 2 June, 2018), plus 2 workshops (29 and 30 May, 2018) for parents and children. This event is part of the France-Netherlands cultural season as initiated by the Dutch Embassy in France, Oh! Pays-Bas 2017-2018. The Dutch activities are also part of the “partnership Dutch Performing Arts and Le Mouffetard”, which takes place in the framework of the overall project 'Dutch Performing Arts | en France'.
Paperwork by BetweenTwoHands. Photo: Tudor Bratu