A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
22 Jan. → 22 Jan. '17Newcastle, United Kingdom

Going Dutch: Jazz North East presents the best of today's Dutch jazz scene

This weekend is the first result of an exciting collaboration between Dutch Performing Arts and the Jazz Promotion Network (JPN).

In 2016, more than 25 festivals, venues and promotors from the JPN network were welcomed during 5 different jazz showcases and festivals in the Netherlands. In 2017 Dutch Performing Arts will support a touring project for (by JPN selected) Dutch musicians/groups in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
Over the course of two sessions on Sunday 22 January, afternoon and evening, Jazz North East will be showcasing the very best of today's Dutch jazz scene, with everything from solo performances to rip-roaring ensemble excursions. The sessions will take place in the Literary & Philosophical Library in Newcastle. They're still working on the detailed programme, but one thing's for sure - this is going to be a brilliantly varied and imaginative spread of good things from the Netherlands.

Wilbert de Joode
Reinier Baas
Onno Govaert
Olie Brice (UK)
Martin van Duynhoven
Kaja Draksler
John Dikeman
Jasper Stadhouders
Ig Henneman
Faye MacCalman (UK)
Ab Baars

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More information about part two: http://jazznortheast.com/event_detail.php?event_id=292