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22 Sep. → 30 Sep. '17Halle 4, Jahrhunderthalle Bochum, Germany

Ruhrtriënnale: Cosmopolis

April in New York. Eric Packer, an unscrupulous 28-year-old billionaire is driving across town for a haircut in his stretch limo. All around the world exchange rates are shaky and the markets are tanking. The heart of the metropolis is on the verge of breaking point. The President is making an official visit, vast crowds of fans have turned out for the funeral of a Sufi rapper, violence erupts at anti-globalization demonstrations and artists mount guerrilla actions to gain publicity. Even Eric Packer’s life is running out of control.
The production is based on the novel ‘Cosmopolis’ by leading American novelist Don DeLillo and shows an attempt to puncture the bubble of the economic elite with reality and protest. How can a more just world be constructed and who is going to make this happen? Can we prevent complete self-destruction? Or might it be our best hope for a better future?

‘Cosmopolis’ is Johan Simons' final production as Artistic Director of the Ruhrtriennale. As in his drama of the underclass ‘Accattone’ (2015) and the political reflection ‘Die Fremden’ (2016) the director combines a major contemporary theme, in this case turbocapitalism’s repeated ability to rise from the dead, with the question of our individual actions and our possible influence.

With - Elsie de Brauw, Pierre Bokma, Mandela Wee Wee, Bert Luppes, BL!NDMAN

Adapted from Don DeLillo
Director Johan Simons
Stage Version Koen Tachelet
Composer Eric Sleichim
Stage design Bettina Pommer
Costume Design An De Mol
Light Dennis Diels
Sound design Will-Jan Pielage
Dramaturgy Koen Tachelet, Dorothea Neweling

A production by Ruhrtriennale and NTGent.