A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
25 Aug. → 28 Aug. '16Antwerp, Belgium

Highlights from the Lowlands

Photo: Veerle Eyckermans
Flanders Arts Institute, Theaterfestival Flanders and Dutch Performing Arts are joining forces in organising an international professionals' programme for programmers during the next Theaterfestival to be held in Antwerp (BE).
The programme contains an amazing selection of full-length performances, company presentations as well as fragments of performances.

A jury of four, consisting of Kristof Blom (CAMPO), Anneke van der Linden (Theater De NWE Vorst & Theaters Tilburg), Rainer Hofmann (Spring festival) and Cees Vossen (Moussem) made a sharp selection of artists and projects.

On Thursday we start with pitches of, among others, Katja Heitmann, Robin and Benjamin Vandewalle and Onbetaalbaar; showcases by Louis Vanhaverbeke and Rodrigo Sobarzo.

In the afternoon, curator and programmer Matthieu Goeury welcomes us in Het Bos with a programme the theme of which is ‘A (He)Art At The Right Place’ with projects of Michiel Vandevelde, Myriam Van Imschoot, Anoek Nuyens and Thomas Verstraeten. On Friday at Monty a number of arts centres will give a pitch on an artist they represent: Kaaitheater, Theater Rotterdam, Buda, CAMPO, NONA, Vooruit, Monty, Moussem, Vrijstaat De Werf, Toneelschuur, Beursschouwburg a.o.

On Friday afternoon two full performances are scheduled: De Man in Europe by Lucas De Man and TO BREAK – The Window of Opportunity by Robbert&Frank/Frank&Robbert.

On Saturday morning there will be more pitches by Nick Steur, TAAT, Tine van Aerschot and Sanja Mitrovic and a showcase by Davy Pieters. The afternoon starts with a full performance of The Great Downhill Journey of Little Tommy by Jonas Vermeulen en Boris Van Severen. On Saturday afternoon a networking lunch will be held, hosting quite a number of companies and colleagues from the ‘lowlands’. In the evening, one of the TheaterFestival's selected performances can be attended.

International programmers will be able to attend a large number of productions and presentations in a short period of time and personally get to know Dutch and Flemish artists and companies.

For more information, please contact: Marijke De Moor, marijke@kunsten.be or Kathleen Treier, kathleen@theaterfestival.be.