A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
20 Jun. → 23 Jun. '19Terschelling, the Netherlands

Oerol 2019 professionals' programme

Ulrike Quade Company / Strijbos & Van Rijswijk - 'Technostalgia' | Photo: Anouk van Kalmthout
In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, landscape arts festival Oerol organises an international professionals' programme. The international professionals' programme runs from 20-23 June 2019 on the island of Terschelling, the Netherlands.
Ranging from theatre spectacles to acrobatics and interactive installations, Oerol presents all kinds of theatre in the dunes, on the beaches, in the woods, in sheds and barns and on the streets of Terschelling. Oerol 2019 takes place from 14-23 June 2019. Invitations to the professionals' programme are extended by the organising festival.

Want to know which international organisations will be attending? Check out the PDF at the bottom of this page.

For its international visitors Oerol selected eight performances from the festival programme, all by Netherlands-based artists and companies:
Naomi Velissariou / Theater Utrecht - 'Permanent Destruction'
Via Berlin - 'Lost Tango'
Shelfish - 'One Million People and Me'
Boogaaerdt/ Vanderschoot / Toukine Delphine - 'Botanical Wasteland'
Touki Delphine / Theun Mosk - 'Firebird'
Ulrike Quade Company / Strijbos & Van Rijswijk - 'Technostalgia'
Urland - 'Bobby Baxter'
Walpurgis / Bot / Kloppend Hert - 'Wij, de verdronkenen' (We, the Drowned)

Visit the Oerol website to further explore this year’s festival programme.

For more information about the professionals' programme, contact José Beesems, jose@oerol.nl jose@oerol.nl.

About Oerol
Terschelling’s Oerol festival has come to be known as one of the most exceptional landscape art festivals in Europe. From its origins as a small festival in 1982, Oerol has grown into a true phenomenon.
For 10 days in June each year, the island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea is transformed into a unique natural stage for theatre, dance, art installations and music. More recent projects have also displayed a combination of art, science and nature. These projects are becoming ever more important, giving shape to new aspirations of the festival. With a huge audience, participating as fieldworkers in laboratory projects, the festival becomes an exciting, yet serious living laboratory.

The international professionals' programme is organised by Oerol in collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts. The programme is made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.