A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
29 May. → 02 Jun. '19Oranjewoud, the Netherlands

Oranjewoud Festival 2019 professionals' programme

Cello Octet Amsterdam. Photo: Merlijn Doomernik
Dutch Performing Arts is excited to collaborate with Oranjewoud Festival for the organisation of a professionals' programme. The festival runs from 29 May-2 June 2019 in Oranjewoud, the Netherlands.
Part a new collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, the festival's international professionals' programme presents a host of Netherlands-based classical musicians to international presenters.

Want to know which international organisations will be attending? Check out the PDF at the bottom of this page.

Through concerts and networking events international visitors will be introduced to up-and-coming Dutch and internationally-acclaimed musicians and ensembles, including pianists Ralph van Raat and Daria van den Bercken, violinists Rosanne and Julia Philippens, Mathieu van Bellen, Cello Octet Amsterdam, harpists Lavinia Meijer and Remy van Kesteren, Dudok Quartet, Matangi Quartet, Stegreif Orchester and many others. There will also be numerous opportunities to meet and mingle with the artists.

For an overview of concerts that are part of the international professionals' programme, visit the Oranjewoud Festival website.

About Oranjewoud festival
Oranjewoud Festival is an annual multi-day classical music festival held at various indoor and outdoor locations within the historic Oranjewoud park. Its programme features nationally and internationally renowned musicians, inspiring programmes and exciting forms of presentation.

The international professionals' programme is organised by Oranjewoud Festival in collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts. The programme is made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.
Dudok Quartet. Photo: Marco Borggreve
Remy van Kesteren. Photo: Anouk van Kalmthout