A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
06 Jun. → 12 Jun. '16New York, USA

Northside Festival 2016

Together with the Dutch consulate in New York, Dutch Performing Arts is organising a trade mission to and a showcase at the Northside Festival in New York. Later this year a simular trade mission to CMJ will take place.
At both festivals there will not only be a showcase of the best 'export ready' music from the Netherlands, but there will also be organised a small trade mission for managers of Dutch bands and representatives of the Dutch pop music sector.

During a number of round table discussions the Dutch managers and representatives are brought into contact with American labels, agents, and publishers. In addition to that, so-called 'field trips' to top music & tech companies in New York will be organised.

There will also be 'one-on-one Meetings' held with NYC music industry professionals based on the wishes and needs of each of the delegates.