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    Dutch-language theatre texts take the stage in France

    … reason Flanders Literature, Dutch Performing Arts and Maison Antoine Vitez organised a translation workshop in November, in collaboration with La Chartreuse, the national centre for theatre texts in France. Eight Dutch-French and French-Dutch translators were introduced to the tricks of the trade: Astrid Panis, Lola Bertels, Martine Woudt, Sandra Verhulst, Sofiane Boussahel, Ingrid Sauvenée De M…
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    Three Netherlands-based artists at Musique Action

    Launched in 1984, Musique Action is one of the major festivals in France for sound creation. With a programme that is dedicated to contemporary, experimental and improvised music, Musique Action is hosted by CCAM (Centre Culturel André Malraux) the National Scene of Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy. Dutch concerts The 37th edition of Musique Action puts the spotlight on Dutch creation and presents conce…
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    Three Dutch-language theatre texts at La Chartreuse

    La Chartreuse in Villeneuve lez Avignon, France is one of the most significant places in Europe for residencies devoted to dramaturgical writing. It hosts nearly sixty residencies per year for authors or companies, as well as workshops and master classes. La Chartreuse is also frequently open to the public during public rehearsals or events involving residents and other guest artists — especiall…
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    French translation of Dutch-language theatre text presented at Festival Regards Croisés

    …isième bureau and Théâtre contemporain. More presentations of theatre texts by Dutch and Flemish authors will take place this summer at the convent of La Chartreuse in Villeneuve-lèz-Avignon, France. Dutch-language theatre texts take the stage in France As part of a special collaboration that started in 2018, Dutch Performing Arts, Flanders Literature and Flanders Arts Institute presen…
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    Dutch Performing Arts | en France: actoral 2020

    Interdisciplinary festival actoral presents performances by the following Netherlands-based artists: Joseph Simon - 'Third Culture Kid' French premiere 23 September 2020 at 20:30, Montévidéo Joseph Simon - 'Chameleon' French premiere 24 September 2020 at 20:30, Montévidéo Cherish Menzo - 'JEZEBEL' French premiere 29 & 30 September at 19:30, Théâtre des Bernardines Julian Hetzel -…