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    Dutch and British playwrights reflect on shared colonial history

    …lls. “Theatre Babel Rotterdam is a theatre with a strong focus on social inclusion.” At the Wereldmuseum, the playwrights paid a visit to the exhibition on the East Indies, a former colony of the Netherlands. These trips helped to strengthen the bond between the playwrights, who all have very different backgrounds, yet share a common denominator: they are living in Europe, but also have origin…
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    Networking reception JanArtsNYC 2020

    At the reception you can meet the representatives of a myriad of theatre and music organisations from Flanders and the Netherlands as well as key representatives from ISPA (the International Society for the Performing Arts). The reception is hosted by the General Delegation of the Government of Flanders to the USA & Dutch Culture USA, Joost Taverne (Cultural Attaché of the Kingdom of the Nethe…