A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
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    Four years of Going Dutch: international gigs and exciting collaborations

    Dutch Performing Arts commissioned the Jazz Promotion Network (JPN) to coordinate the focus programme Going Dutch to support Dutch jazz musicians and/or groups to perform and tour in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. The project consisted of an umbrella campaign, invitations for jazz promotors and journalists to every concert and, under certain conditions, also support for travel and acc…
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    Opening up your musical DNA: Diamanda Dramm and Genevieve Murphy

    We visited Dramm and Murphy at the rehearsals and talked about opening up your musical DNA to let a co-author in and about the value of cultural exchange. Dutch Performing Arts and Gaudeamus Muziekweek team up to present cutting-edge artists and ensembles from the Netherlands through a series of video portraits. The past two weeks we shared interviews with Fedor Teunisse of Slagwerk Den Haag an…
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    Dutch delegation visits TPAM in Yokohama

    …bruary 2020, 15:00-15:40 at Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, room 6. During this meeting participants can learn more about the Dutch artists' work and discuss opportunities for collaboration and exchange. Learn more about the Dutch delegates' goals for TPAM: Karel van Laere - performance artist & visual artist "I'm looking forward to meeting programmers or curators that work in the fi…