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    Dutch-language theatre texts take the stage in France

    …ious festivals and other events. Through this project the organising partners aim to increase the visibility of contemporary Dutch-language theatre texts in French-speaking regions. Familiarising translators with the theatre genre There is an urgent shortage of translators that are specialised in the theatre genre. For this reason Flanders Literature, Dutch Performing Arts and Maison Antoine …
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    French translation of Dutch-language theatre text presented at Festival Regards Croisés

    Festival Regards Croisés is an important gathering place for contemporary playwrights and features staged readings, round table discussions and workshops. The staged reading of the theatre text ‘Embrouilleurs!’ (‘Woestzoeker!’) will be followed by an interview with Flemish author Jan Sobrie and translator Esther Gouarné. The reading and interview will be streamed on 5 May 2021 at 20:…