A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
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    Kennedy Center brings Dutch theatre and dance to young U.S. audiences through Virtual Field Trips

    The collaboration is part of the Never Grow Up! programme. Launched in 2019, Never Grow Up! brings an abundance of Dutch film, literature and performing arts for young audiences to the United States. The programme presents and shares a wide range of work from the Netherlands for young audiences at festivals, conferences and other platforms, all representing a respect for young people and dedicatio…
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    Call for performances: Hakawy International Arts Festival For Children 2021

    Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children brings together a wide range of performances from all over the world geared to young audiences. The performances are presented over the course of ten days, with the goal to educate and entertain Egyptian children and their families through arts and culture. Submissions The festival invites artists and companies to submit their performance for th…
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    Open call: Delegates programme Hakawy International Arts Festival For Children

    The festival invites programmers and festival directors to register for their four-day programme taking place from 6-9 March 2020. During the festival, delegates can expect: 11 international performances for young audiences, including a Dutch focus and an American focus programme; an Egyptian focus programme. A great opportunity to discover Egyptian theatre for young audiences; talks, mastercl…
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    Dutch keynote on art and young brains at IPAY Showcase in Place

    IPAY Showcase is a platform for theatre companies from all over the world that cater to young audiences. After having presented the Official Selection and performing arts for young audiences created by Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+ folks, and the Disabled Community, the third and last part of Showcase in Place 2021 is themed Superbloom. This theme focuses on innovation, new creation…
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    Dutch theatre for young audiences at Belfast Children's Festival

    Belfast Children's Festival is an annual international festival for children aged 0-17 years and their families. Events take place both in and out of school time for schools, groups and families to attend. For its 22nd edition the festival presents a packed programme of theatre, visual art, music, dance, literature, workshops and talks, guaranteed to inspire joy, creativity and curiosity. Dutc…
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    Dutch performing arts for young audiences at IPAY 2020

    IPAY Showcase is a platform for theatre companies from all over the world that cater to young audiences in the US, and this year features two Dutch companies. After having supported eight Dutch theatre and youth dance companies at last year's IPAY Showcase, we're proud to announce the two companies that are part of this year's Off-IPAY Showcase. Dutch performances You can enjoy the following …