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2 Mar. '20

Call for proposals: MINDSCAPES

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Julian Hetzel | Hello Hollow. Part of SICK! Festival 2017. Photo: Thomas Lenden
Manchester-­based SICK! Festival and Brighter Sound are seeking Dutch musicians, composers and sound artists for a major new commissioning programme entitled MINDSCAPES.
MINDSCAPES is a year-­long programme of co-­operation and co-­production between cultural institutions in the Netherlands and Manchester. Working with Dutch artists and arts organisations spanning performance, visual arts and digital media, the project explores the impact that our environment has on our mental wellbeing.

Closed for submissions (updated 16 March 2020)

The project will consider how artists might make interventions into different environments, in ways that can have a profound and lasting impact on mental health. How might artists from different practices influence, shape and inhabit urban spaces in ways that combat social alienation, anxiety and depression?

MINDSCAPES provides a unique space for cross-­sectoral thinking and reflection, where a range of perspectives from the Greater Manchester and Netherlands can come together and consider the most effective ways to deploy cultural activity for a social benefit.

SICK! Festival and Brighter Sound are seeking a Dutch musician (individuals or collectives) to develop a new project responding to a number of parameters.

The project must:
respond to the thematics of MINDSCAPES as set out above;
reflect the lived experience of individuals and communities in Manchester;
be developed in dialogue with communities (and potentially artists) from Manchester;
respond to the specific conditions of the city. The interpretation of this is open to the artist and could include physical, architectural, public, social, institutional, domestic or digital space, or explore interactions between these;
take an innovative approach to presentation space;
have potential to engage a broad, diverse audience;
be able to demonstrate significant potential legacy and/or impact for participating individuals and communities;
be developed in Manchester and be ready for public presentation by October

Participating artists/musicians will need to spend a significant amount of time working in Manchester (1-2 months in total) or sufficient time to ensure the project is developed and presented with thorough engagement with the city and its inhabitants.

The organisations can offer a commission fee of € 4,700 to develop and deliver the project. The project will be produced by Brighter Sound. There will be a separate production budget for the delivery of the project.

More information about the organisations delivering this project can be found at the SICK! Festival and Brighter Sound websites.

How to apply
If you’re interested in applying, please send a letter of application (no more than one page of A4), or an audio/video recording outlining:
your name and contact details;
your musical practice (including links to your work);
your interest in the thematics of MINDSCAPES;
your experience of working with community groups;
how these might be incorporated into a commissioned project.

Please send your application to recruitment@brightersound.com using the subject line ‘MINDSCAPES Commission’ by Sunday 15 March, 2020, 23:00.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact

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