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Check out the lastest news about Dutch Performing Arts' activities, open calls, and other developments related to Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.

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21 Jan. '20

Want to join the Dutch delegation going to Morocco? Send us your proposal

Netherlands-based performing arts professionals (artists and programmers) are invited to join an interdisciplinary research trip to Morocco from 24-28 March 2020. We are now accepting proposals.
21 Dec. '19

Open call: Delegates programme Hakawy International Arts Festival For Children

In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, AFCA for Arts and Culture organises a delegates' programme as part of the 10th anniversary of Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children. The festival takes place from 4-14 March 2020 in Cairo, Egypt.
6 Dec. '19

For Dutch puppeteers: open call Izmir International Puppet Days 2020

Puppetry festival Izmir International Puppet Days warmly invites Dutch puppeteers to send in their performance for the annual festival. The 14th edition of Izmir International Puppet Days takes place from 5-22 March 2020 in Izmir, Turkey.
26 Jul. '19

For artists: Apply now for Off-IPAY 2020

Submissions are now open for Off-IPAY Showcase 2020. IPAY Showcase 2020 takes place from 21-25 January 2020 in Philadelphia, the United States.
23 Jul. '19

Want to join the Dutch delegation going to ChinaSPAF? Send us your proposal

Dutch Performing Arts organises a Dutch focus programme at performing arts fair ChinaSPAF in Shanghai. We're now accepting proposals from Netherlands-based artists who want to pitch their work to an international audience of arts professionals.
19 Jul. '19

Call for proposals: Platforms for cultural content innovation

The European Commission launches a pilot project to boost Europe's content industries through innovation, collaboration and new digital technologies. Professionals in the content industry are invited to submit their proposals.
30 May. '19

Save the date: open call CINARS Biennale

The official programme’s call for submissions will open earlier than usual. CINARS Biennale will welcome submissions from September to the end of October 2019.
30 Apr. '19

Upcoming visitors' programmes for theatre and dance presenters

Dutch Performing Arts is pleased to expand its network of theatre and dance partners for the organisation of international professionals' programmes with three more organisations.
28 Mar. '19

Season-long Dutch focus at the Kennedy Center

Dutch Performing Arts and the Kennedy Center collaborate on a season-long Dutch focus that brings award-winning and accomplished work from the Netherlands to families and student audiences in Washington. The Dutch focus kicks off in October and November 2019 and will continue in January and April 2020.
27 Mar. '19

World Theatre Day 2019: Message by Carlos Celdrán

27 March marks World Theatre Day, the annual worldwide celebration of theatre. The council of the International Theatre Institute selected Carlos Celdrán to give his personal reflections on the themes of theatre and a culture of peace.
25 Mar. '19

For performing arts professionals: Discussion about artistic freedom abroad

The Performing Arts Fund NL and DutchCulture invite Dutch (performing) arts professionals for an interactive discussion about artistic freedom of those who work abroad.
20 Mar. '19

World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People 2019

On 20 March we celebrate World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People, a worldwide celebration of performing arts for children and young people.
12 Mar. '19

Visitors' programmes 2019: Dance and (music) theatre

Throughout 2019 Dutch Performing Arts continues to collaborate with renowned Dutch festivals for the organisation of professionals' programmes. Invitations to the professionals' programmes are extended by the organising festivals.
12 Mar. '19

A bundle of visitors' programmes in 2019

Throughout 2019 Dutch Performing Arts continues to collaborate with renowned Dutch festivals for the organisation of professionals' programmes aimed at music, dance and (music) theatre presenters.
20 Feb. '19

For festival makers: Apply now for Atelier NEXT 2019

The Festival Academy invites festival makers to apply for the 16th edition of Atelier NEXT, taking place from 13-19 November 2019 in the Eurometropolis region (Belgium/France).
6 Feb. '19

For artists: Apply now to showcase at IPAY 2020

Performing artists can now apply to perform at IPAY (International Performing Arts for Youth) Showcase 2020 in Philadelphia, the United States.
31 Jan. '19

Call for performances: Assitej World Congress 2020

Assitej, the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, invites children’s theatre and dance companies to submit performances for their World Congress in May 2020.
30 Jan. '19

Recap: Dutch TYA at IPAY Showcase 2019

What better place to showcase some of the finest Dutch performing arts for young audiences than IPAY Showcase? Dutch Performing Arts proudly powered the participation of eight theatre and dance companies from the Netherlands, who presented their productions for ages 2+ at the international conference in Philadelphia.
24 Jan. '19

Open call for young playwrights in the Netherlands and Flanders

Dutch Performing Arts invites young playwrights in the Netherlands and Flanders to participate in a four-day translation workshop led by bilingual author and translator Peter Waterhouse.
22 Jan. '19

Open call RESHAPE

RESHAPE wants to (re)imagine new models of organising the arts sector. The organisation invites artists and cultural workers from Europe and the South Mediterranean to submit alternative models of working together or to engage audiences in innovative ways.

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