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26 Jul. '19

For artists: Apply now for Off-IPAY 2020

Theatergroep Kwatta's | Jabberbabble - part of Off-IPAY 2019. Photo: Laura Luca
Submissions are now open for Off-IPAY Showcase 2020. IPAY Showcase 2020 takes place from 21-25 January 2020 in Philadelphia, the United States.
Off-IPAY 2020 presents an opportunity for artists, producers and agents to present their productions for young audiences to 500 US-based theatre professionals. Off-IPAY Independent Productions can include full-length productions, pitch sessions, and/or a group of artistic companies organised around specific cultural region or genre.

Deadline for applications is 7 October 2019, 23:59pm EST.
Applicants pay a fee of $250 which includes a 50-word listing in the official IPAY programme and on the Showcase website.

To present an official Off-IPAY Independent Showcase, all artists, producers and agents must:
be an IPAY member through Showcase 2020;
register for the full IPAY 2020 Showcase as an exhibitor (or have agency representation and register as a delegate). If multiple companies are participating in one off-IPAY they all need to be represented in some way in the Exhibit Hall. Note: Registration will be open in September;
be completely responsible for all production and expenses related to independent showcases;
agree to provide access for all registered IPAY delegates to the performance (within venue capacity restrictions);
schedule Off-IPAY Independent Showcase Performance in a Philadelphia venue.

For a full overview of requirements and the application form, visit the IPAY website.

About IPAY Showcase
The annual IPAY (International Performing Arts for Youth) Showcase is an opportunity for artists to perform, exhibit, and develop their work for an audience of presenters who book shows specifically for young people and their families.
Visit the IPAY website for more information about IPAY Showcase2020.