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11 Apr. '17

Henriëtte Post speaker at ISPA’s 100th Congress

Henriëtte Post, general director of the Performing Arts Fund NL, is one of the speakers at ISPA’s 100th Congress.
Henriëtte Post is one of the speakers in the session 'Funding Models: Embracing Diversity and Identity'. This session takes place on Friday 26 May, 1.30 pm in the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts. Other speakers are Simon Brault (Canada Council for the Arts, Canada) and Jane Chu (National Endowment for the Arts, USA).

The theme of this edition, that takes place in Montréal, Canada, is 'identities'. "The arts community is being transformed at a never-before experienced pace, with new voices being heard, unprecedented demographic movements taking place, and technologies instantly disseminating more information than ever."

Over the period of 2016-2018 the International Society for the Performing Arts’ (ISPA) Fellowship Programme is providing three mid-career leaders from the Netherlands’ performing arts community access to ISPA’s extensive international network of arts professionals. This programme is financially supported by Dutch Performing Arts. Participants of the fellowship programme are Tamar Brüggemann, Malcolm Rock and Harmen van der Hoek.

Furthermore, the international summer congress 2018 of ISPA will take place in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, in June of that year. Leeuwarden is Cultural Capital of 2018. It's only the second time in their seventy years that ISPA’s summer congress will be held in The Netherlands since their visit to Amsterdam in 1988.