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10 Sep. '20

Jibbe Willems wins French literary translation of De Poolse Bruid

Jibbe Willems, writer of theatre text 'De Poolse Bruid'. Photo: Stephan Vanfleteren
Dutch playwright Jibbe Willems wins a French literary translation of his theatre text 'De Poolse Bruid'. The text will also have a staged reading during the prestigious Festival d’Avignon.
Jibbe Willems wins the translation as one of the nominees for the Toneelschrijfprijs: a cash prize of 10.000 euros awarded to the writer(s) of the best Dutch-language theatre text that was performed for the first time this past cultural season and that makes a significant contribution to the field of Dutch-language theatre texts.
Winners of the Toneelschrijfprijs 2020 are Vincent van der Valk & Casper Vandeputte for their theatre text 'Immens': the seventh theatre project Van der Valk and Vandeputte made together. Their text delves into the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche whilst it reflects on the present. The Toneelschrijfprijs 2020 was organised by Flanders Literature, Taalunie, Performing Arts Fund NL and Dutch Foundation for Literature, and made possible by a contribution of deAuteurs and Lira Fonds.

'De Poolse Bruid'

All nominees for the Toneelschrijfprijs were considered for a French literary translation. An external jury consisting of Esther Gouarné, Mike Sens and Gerco de Vroeg of Maison Antoine Vitez selected Jibbe Willems' theatre text to be translated in French. With the support of deAuteurs the French text will have a staged reading during Festival d’Avignon.

The French literary translation of 'De Poolse Bruid' is part of a joint initiative of Dutch Performing Arts, Flanders Arts Institute and Flanders Literature to promote Dutch-language theatre texts in French-speaking regions. The Dutch and Flemish organisations partnered up with Paris-based organisation Maison Antoine Vitez.

Since 2018 the Dutch and Flemish organisations work together with Austrian organisation uniT to increase the visibility of contemporary Dutch-language theatre texts in German-speaking regions.

Eight more French translations

Also part of the promotion of Dutch-language theatre texts in French-speaking regions, the organising partners present the translations of eight other theatre texts originally written in Dutch, at various events. Most recently, playwright Magne van den Berg's theatre text 'Kale bomen ruisen niet' (translated by Esther Gouarné, 'Privés de feuilles, les arbres ne bruissent pas') had a staged reading at La Mousson d'été on 24 August.