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9 Aug. '19

Open call for TPAM Fringe 2020

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Unit Dance Bookshelf/Atsuko Yoshifuku | Sphinx's Book. Photo: Narumi Horike
TPAM (Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama) invites performing artists to submit their performance or project for TPAM Fringe in Tokyo or Yokohama, Japan.
TPAM is internationally recognised as one of the most influential performing arts platforms in Asia. TPAM Fringe is an open-call programme that invites performances and projects that are carried out during the period of TPAM, from 8-16 February 2020, in Yokohama or Tokyo.

Being part of TPAM Fringe is a great opportunity for artists and companies who are looking for opportunities for international touring, new audiences and future collaborators. TPAM Fringe introduces emerging talents and new work to TPAM participants and the wider audience.

Deadline for applications is 1 November 2019 at 18:00 Japan Standard Time.

Applicants are required to have at least one performance during the period of TPAM. The registration fee for a performance is 32,400 yen. This fee is for one performance/work. Applicants who want to register more than two performances/works, can contact TPAM. The number of shows per applicant is unlimited.

Registration includes two complimentary TPAM passes.

Check out the pdf below and the TPAM website for a full overview of the application guidelines.

About TPAM
Over 700 performing arts professionals from 40 countries visit the influential performing arts event, which will celebrate its 24th anniversary this year. Over the course of nine days, more than 50 artists / companies present over 200 performances. TPAM also presents over 300 meetings, discussions and seminars.