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22 Oct. '18

Open call Artes Vivas International 2019

NAVE opens their Artes Vivas International Call 2019, aimed at artists interested in presenting creation and research projects within the field of 'Artes Vivas' ('living arts'), whether as individual, company or collective.
This year artists can submit their project in one of the following two residency lines:

Creation and research residency
Residency aimed at developing creative and investigative processes, regardless of the project's development phase, with an emphasis on experimentation.

Technical residency
Residency to investigate from a technical point of view with a focus on creation. This residency is aimed at artists who are interested in experimenting with the space and technical elements – lighting, sound and image – of theatre, who want to deepen their practices related to performative languages, regardless of the project's development phase.

Deadline for applications: 25 November
Residencies will run between April 2019 and January 2020.

More information
For more info on the application requirements and process, visit the NAVE website.