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5 Nov. '19

Recap: Dutch delegation at ChinaSPAF 2019

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Last month Dutch Performing Arts organised a Dutch focus programme at performing arts fair ChinaSPAF. To pitch their work to an international audience of arts professionals, we were joined by representatives of Club Guy and Roni, ICK, Jakop Ahlbom, Cie Petit, The Ruggeds, and Ann van den Broek - WArd/WaRD.
The ChinaSPAF is the performing arts fair of the China Shanghai International Arts Festival. As part of the fair's Dutch focus programme, six (representatives of) Netherlands-based artists presented the work of their company in ChinaSPAF's pitch programme. During their stay, the delegates also visited a number of performing arts venues and festivals in Shanghai.

Check out their Shanghai adventures in our photo report!
Anne Marleen de Jong, business director of The Ruggeds:
"It was a great experience to visit China Shanghai International Arts Festival. With a great and diverse Dutch delegation we got to know the Shanghai performing arts market, visited theaters, presented our work to the Shanghai market, but most of all: met a lot of new friends!"
One of the many group pictures the Dutch delegates took during their stay in Shanghai. Photo: Anne-Marleen de Jong
Wim de Vries, assistant artistic director of Club Guy & Roni and Noord Nederlands Toneel:
"It was a pleasure to be in Shanghai with Dutch Performing Arts for a week to visit ChinaSPAF and several theatre and dance venues. It was a very busy week, but every minute worthwhile. I brought home a lot of new ideas, revelations, questions and answers that will definitely help shape and develop the international focus of Club Guy & Roni and Noord Nederlands Toneel more and more. It was great to be in touch with artistic directors, programmers and other representatives from various festivals, theaters and companies. We're looking forward to intensify our relations with our new friends."
Wim de Vries pitching the work of Club Guy & Roni and Noord Nederlands Toneel. Photo: Anja Krans
Christel Gouweleeuw, Cie Petit:
"My visit to Shanghai was super inspiring. I noticed that our Chinese colleagues were very knowledgeable about what's being made in Europe for young audiences, and eager to learn about what developments we have in education. They want what's best for their children and would do almost anything to achieve that.”
A group of Chinese pupils neatly lined up for their class outing. Also pictured: Joanna Dong, director of Performance Infinity, who joined the Dutch delegation. Photo: Christel Gouweleeuw
Marc Pil, business director of Jakop Ahlbom:
"China plays an important role in our theatre company's long-term strategy. We've toured China before and experienced that audiences in China enjoyed our work. Right now we're working on new tours, but also on co-productions and collaborations with Chinese theatre companies and producers. Thanks to the support of Dutch Performing Arts, we had the great opportunity to join the Dutch delegation and get to know the Chinese market even better."
Marc Pil preparing gadgets for his pitch about his company's production 'Horror'. Photo: Christel Gouweleeuw
Marion Gauvent, producer at A propic, working for Ann Van den Broek - WArd/WaRD:
"This was my second time at ChinaSPAF. It was a very nice experience to be part of a delegation: the group gives a nice visibility towards the other delegates and provides a clear context to pitch one's project. It was also very interesting to be able to exchange with my fellow Dutch delegates regarding our development strategies in Asia and China, to learn from each other, and of course to connect with other colleagues from all over the world, producers, programmers, agents, institutions and so on. The new encounters, the pitches, and meeting again with contacts regarding Ann Van den Broek have been very interesting and we hope to tour Ann’s work in Asia in 2020 and 2021."
The Dutch delegates on a night out. Photo: Marion Gauvent