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22 Jan. '19

Open call RESHAPE

RESHAPE wants to (re)imagine new models of organising the arts sector. The organisation invites artists and cultural workers from Europe and the South Mediterranean to submit alternative models of working together or to engage audiences in innovative ways.
RESHAPE wants to bring professionals from Europe and the South Mediterranean together in an experimental process of further developing their innovative practices and help transform the entire arts ecosystem.

Artists can choose how they want to participate in this project:
Share your info in the RESHAPE Directory if you feel that your ideas and actions can be inspirational to other professionals in Europe and the South Mediterranean. First deadline: 15 February. The application will be reopened during the implementation of the project.
Attend the RESHAPE Forum in Lublin, Poland if you want to meet other art professionals who are trying to find ways to adapt their practices to societal changes. The conference is free of charge, partial or full coverage of travel expenses will be offered. Deadline: 31 January
Become a RESHAPER if you want to join 7 other Reshapers to develop solutions to these problems over the course of two years. All expenses covered and financial compensation included. Deadline: 31 January

More info
For more information and to apply, visit the RESHAPE website.