A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
18 Dec. '18

Tidal wave of Dutch youth arts in US

Throughout 2019, Never Grow Up! brings an abundance of Dutch film, literature and performing arts for young audiences to the United States.
Never Grow Up! presents and shares a wide range of work from the Netherlands for young audiences at festivals, conferences and other platforms, all representing a respect for young people and dedication to youth culture as an autonomous art form.

A joint effort of Dutch Performing Arts, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York, Eye International, Netherlands Film Fund, Cinekid, Dutch Foundation for Literature, and DutchCulture, the programme aims to stimulate the dissemination and visibility of Dutch youth arts as well as cultural exchange and partnerships with renowned US-based presenters and organisations.

What's on?
Throughout 2019, Never Grow Up! presents Dutch film, literature, (music) theatre and dance that caters to young audiences and their families at events and venues such as Brooklyn Academy of Music, Kennedy Center, New York International Children's Film Festival and Brooklyn Book Festival. Presenters and agencies are invited to attend screenings, readings and performances, meet directors, writers and performers, and engage with representatives of Dutch expert organizations to discuss opportunities for collaboration and exchange.

Kicking off with performing arts
The year-long celebration of Dutch artistry kicks off with the presence of eight Dutch theatre and dance companies at international conference IPAY Showcase, that takes place from 15-19 January 2019 in Philadelphia. The eight companies will present their productions for young audiences to 500 US-based theatre professionals.

Jeremy "Boomer" Stacy, Executive Director of IPAY: “It is an honour for IPAY to host the Dutch performances. The artists and their work is a small but exciting representation of a wide scene of artists and companies creating work for young people. We are honoured to plant these creative seeds within our professional community and look forward to what may grow out of this, as well as the seeds sown in this year of Dutch focus.”

Browse through the Dutch programme book here.

Upcoming activities
For more information about Never Grow Up! and upcoming activities, visit DutchCultureUSA.com/NeverGrowUp.